The incorporators are individuals who are all interested to surprise the world how simple it is to be healthy and beautiful.

Our vision

Top-O reconstructs, redefines and rediscovers a new line of skin care products prepared for optimum skin protection. We aim to attain customer satisfaction through delivering excellent and high quality products in the skin care industry.

How it all started

The process of oxygenation

Before the corporation was formed, the technology was used mainly for recycling wastewater for the industrial laundry plant.

One method of turning toxic water (due to various chemical contents) into reusable water was oxygenation.

It was found that the reason waste water (or dirty water) gets ‘cleaned up’ was that the oxygenation process performs neutralization of the solution and at the same time making the water suitable for marine lives, not to say that oxygen pushes down the dirty suspensions and retains the clear water above, literally separating the solution into two parts.