Ronnie and Top-O: Two endorsements in a row!

We can’t get enough of Ronnie Alonte

Ronnie Arthur Alcantara Alonte II, is a Filipino model, actor, singer and dancer. His career appearance started in 2015 as a member of Hashtags, a dance group in a daytime show It’s Showtime. He also appeared in Maalaala Mo Kaya, Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7, A Love To Last, Ipaglaban Mo: Pikon and Wansapanataym: Gelli In A Bottle.

With Ronnie’s busy schedule and multiple appearances, he has to keep his skin fresh and healthy. This is where Top-O comes in.

Ronnie and Top-O: Two years in a row!

Ronnie is Top-O’s ambassador for the second time around. We asked why Ronnie loves Top-O, and he said Top-O helps him in a LOT of ways.

Stop skin itchiness

Don’t scratch your skin when it’s itchy, you will only aggravate it more, or worse, these scratches will leave marks, wounds and scars. When you experience skin itchiness, just spray Top-O. This will soothe your skin irritation and prevent you from harming it further. Try it – It’s tried and tested by Ronnie Alonte!

Relieve skin Irritation and Wounds

Do you undergo a facial from time to time? If yes, you would be used to leaving the clinic with lots of pimple popped wounds. Don’t fret! Ronnie has a secret to share: he uses Top-O after his facial sessions to quickly dry up these wounds.

Follow Ronnie’s advice and spray Top-O after your facial session! Top-O will dry up your pimple popped wounds quickly and effectively.

Aids in closing the pores in his face

Here’s what Ronnie loves about Top-O. It closes his pores for beautifully, smooth skin, so pollution and dirt won’t further harm your skin. In a hurry to leave the house looking fresh and confident? Just spray Top-O for an instant perk-me-up.

Regular Top-O use

Ronnie is so confident with Top-O, that he sprays it before putting make-up, and after removing make-up. He also uses Top-O after his basketball sessions. What a perfect way to refresh yourself and recharge!

Take care of your skin the way Ronnie takes care of his. Follow his simple trick to maintain clear, healthy and blemish free skin – Top-O! Get yours now at Watsons, 7/11, Mercury Drug, and Southstar Drug branches nationwide for only 375php!