Frequently Asked Questions

1Is it safe for everyone to use?
Yes. It is safe for babies, toddlers, pregnant women, geriatrics, teens. It is one preparation that has no contraindications.
2 How often can I use it on my skin?
You can use Top O as often as needed. The more often you spray it on your skin, the faster you see the result.
3What are the indications of Top O?
Top O is recommended for oily skin ( helps wash away excess sebum), dry skin ( gives moisture to the skin to make it supple), acne-prone skin ( penetrates the acne and kills the bacteria), boils or pigsa ( reduces the inflammation and pain ), eczema ( relieves itching and swelling), rashes ( helps calm the skin and relieves itching and redness), normal skin ( helps the skin to produce collagen and elastin and prevents skin aging).
4Can Top O cure psoriasis?
There is no known cure for psoriasis as of today, but there are various treatments that can help control the symptoms. Top O provides cool and soothing sensation to the crusty and itchy areas of the skin and helps alleviate patient's urge to scratch.
5How does Top O remedy acne?
Acne is caused by bacterial infection. Bacteria are anaerobic which means they can not thrive in the presence of oxygen. Top O has dissolved oxygen which upon contact with acne, will change the biological structure of the bacterial cellular wall, eventually killing the bacteria.
6How often in a day should I spray Top O on my pimples?
There is no limit in using Top O on your pimples. The more often you expose your pimples to Top O , the faster you can see the improvement.
7Is Top O really helpful to the skin?
Certainly! There is no other component in beauty products that is more excellent than what oxygen can give.
8 How many days will one can of Top O last?
It depends on how often and how fast you want to see the result. The more often you use it on your skin, the earlier you can witness the improvement.
9Where can I buy Top-O?
Purchasing Top-O is very convenient. You may contact us at: +63 (917) 8868668, +63 (917) 8001680 or fill up our CONTACT FORM. Top-O is also available at Rose Pharmacy, Threesixty Pharmacy, Watsons and Lazada.

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